God at Work this Past Week

God at Work this Past Week

One week ago I said, “I look forward to seven new days to see God at work.” Those seven days have passed now. It would be wrong of me not to share with you, my friends, what I saw my awesome God do this week.

On Tuesday afternoon my assignment was to write my “story”. In the process of writing, God brought clarity to my mind. Puzzle pieces finally fit into a scene not yet complete, or connected dots which bring a picture more clearly into focus. In the peace of my house, understanding came, and with it, confidence. I know now that God is indeed calling me to a specific task. I can move ahead with assurance that it is right. This is very exciting!

In more common language, it felt like my Father God fondly slapped me on the forehead and asked, “What took you so long?!”, which was basically my husband’s response.

On Wednesday afternoon my God who owns the cattle on a thousand hills provided for a huge need that was very heavy on my heart. It was an unexpected provision. This is a great miracle that has far reaching affects. My Heavenly Father once again reminds me, “I know, I see, I understand, and I love you.” I owe Him a debt of love, which can never fully be repaid.

On Wednesday evening I had the great joy of joining four of my “sisters” as they rejoiced over God’s miraculous provision of gifts and funds with which to shower love on the missionaries during our Global Impact Celebration missions conference this coming week. One lady confessed, “I’m sorry I had so little faith!”

It has been my privilege to be a part of encouraging them along in their task to which they have remained so committed for the last four weeks. Six more people have experienced God in very real, life-changing ways. May they never forget!

On Thursday morning God my Father blessed me with a little gift of love… one of those simply good gifts like red Kitchen Aids and presents under the Christmas tree for my children, which I know is a smile from above just because I am His dearly loved child.

I am humbled. I am blessed. And I am reminded just who I am. I am encouraged to keep going because I know whom I serve.

I praise you, Father, for your grace; for your mercy; and for your love.

I wonder what He will do this week?