It’s All a Blur

It’s All a Blur

Three trips to the city, a final Bible study meeting, a visit to the school health clinic, a challenging day of painting in my elementary art classes that gave me a terrible headache, a long hot morning watching Caleb compete in Track and Field Day, bread baking, Kids’ Club leading, wedding planning emails that took three hours to write, and a tiny bit of altered book crafting and gardening squeezed in made for an extremely full week.

I saw God at work in my busy week! Running late because of the long detour around town, God allowed me to reach the hospital just in time to pick up Caleb’s hand x-rays. God gave Caleb energy on a hot, humid day to place in 7 out of 9 events on Track and Field Day. In my search for the perfect bread recipe I finally discovered that halving my grandmother’s recipe works! I figured out how to repair a young girls favorite doll so she could take it with her to high school in Africa. And He allowed me a tiny window of time to finish my altered book.

I’m always thankful for the rest God allows on Sundays! I have been studying Genesis over the last four months. Today I considered what it means for God, who never grows tired or weary, to rest (Genesis 2:2). I am a crafter. When I have completed something… a beautiful altered book, painting a cute bedroom, or sewing a pretty gown for one my girls… I gaze. My family might find me just sitting quietly in the newly painted bedroom, or sitting at my sewing table just… well, gazing.

In some small way I think I get to experience how God felt, and how He rested on that seventh day of creation. He gazed! I think He stood back, feasted His eyes on the perfect, beautiful work of His hands, was filled with delight and joy and satisfaction and… rested in it. My heart is touched to be reminded that He also looks on me, His child, with delight.

I am thankful that amidst my blindingly busy days filled with mom-stuff, I am learning more about who God is. I hope you are too!